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Holiday Gift Guide

Unwrapping  Gifts

Our Holiday gift guide is filled with gift ideas for littles ages 0-7. With items that empower, educate and inspire your littles this Holiday season, while it will be unique, will sure to be magical and memorable. Whether you want to support local or are still on the hunt for some special items for the littles in your lives, our Gift Guide will share some unique and empowering ideas that will make your littles glow inside out.


Happy Holidays!


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Kind & Confident Ed Gifts

Yoga Block.JPG

Kind Learning Membership

Give your littles the greatest gift of all, TIME. Through our Kind Learning Membership, you and your little will connect, learn and grow mindful.

Includes: ON-Demand class, Mindful activities and more!

Kind Sensory Kit

Our Kind Sensory Kits will engage your little fine motor skills and foster early literacy and numeracy skills.

Includes; Alphamations Book, All-Natural Play-dough, sensory rice, a Mindful Play Guide and more!

Affirmation Play-dough Mats

Our Affirmation Play-dough mats will make your littles fine motor skill experience empowering and mindful. Through powerful affirmations your littles will expand their vocabulary and build an inner dialogue that is kind and confident.

8% of all purchases at Kind & Confident Ed are donated to Children Education in Developing Countries.


A Buddha Board is a great way to foster your littles creativity and to exercise a growth mindset by focusing on the process and not the product.

Recommended for Age 3 +

This Yoga game for littles is a great way to get your littles moving and finding their inner calm. It would make for a great family fun Friday night activity or something to keep your littles busy on a Sunday afternoon.

Recommended for Age 3+

Make gratitude apart of your littles daily practice with their very own gratitude journal. This is a great prompt to support their self love journey and early literacy skills.

Recommended for Age 5+


A Wobble board is a great open ended tool for littles with lots of energy. From building balance, imagination and gross motor skills, your little will have a blast keeping active and calm.

Recommended for Age 15 Months +

An easel is a classic toy that is multi functional and fosters a love for creativity. Get ready for your littles to make many masterpieces and get messy.

Recommended for Age 15 Months +

Foster your littles sense of wonder by investing in a Kids Teepee. This can make for a great calming corner or reading nook. Check out our Mindful Books to complete this unique and inviting space.

Recommended for Age 12 Months +


Perfect for littles to engage in early STEM play while exploring through their 5 senses. These building blocks make for the perfect addition to your littles early learning collection.

Recommended for Age 0 +

Want to enhance your littles sensory play? These Fine Motor skill tools will do just the trick by exercising your littles pencil and scissor grips.

Recommended for Age 18 Months +

Foster early numeracy skills through this simple and engaging sorting activity.It also provides littles opportunities to work on colour identification.

Recommended for Age 15 Months +


This clever book showcases the power within each of us to be true to ourselves no matter how others react.

Recommended for Age 0 +

A special ABC learning book through powerful affirmations that will expand your littles vocabulary and self love.

Recommended for Age 0 +

Encouraging your littles imagination, your little will be left feeling the sky is the limit and see endless possibilities.

Recommended for Age 0 +

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