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Education. Inspiration. Connection

Our Online Membership, created by a OCT Educator & Kids Yoga teacher, is designed to support families from the comfort of your own home and empower littles to be kind & confident. 

As our littles subconscious mind is developing before the age of seven, we are on a mission to use this window of opportunity to foster mindfulness, self love and kindness.

What your Little will Learn & Experience:

-Build Gross Motor skills through Kids Yoga

-Breathing techniques that encourages self regulation. 

-Develop an empowering inner dialogue through Affirmations.

-Engage in Mindfulness play that focuses on progress not perfection.

- Build Self Confidence through a Growth Mindset framework.

-Learn through Mindful early literacy & numeracy activities.

-Deepen a mind, body soul connection.


"That was so good! Lincoln really like it and he participated more then I would of thought. I would totally do it again."

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