Expand letter recognition and build your littles self love with our Mindful Sensory Literacy Kit. Develop your littles fine motor skills, engage in early literacy play and build an inner dialogue that is kind and confident. With all your sensory play needs and a guide to help mindful parents along the way, your littles will be learning through mindful play.


Whats included:

- Mindful Book

- One jar of Play dough

- Alphabet Play Dough Mats (26 letters)

- Custom Name Playdough Mat

- Playdough Cutter

- Sensory rice

- Tracing Tray

- Mindful Play ideas & Instructions


Mindful Sensory Kit Benefits:

Encourages and expands school readiness.

Sensory Play supports mindful living by engaging our littles senses and acts as a stress reliever.

Loose parts play fosters a growth mindset by developing problem solving skills and innovation.

Provides play opportunities that allow your little to focuse on progress, not perfection.

Affirmations reprogram our littles inner dialogue with empowering thoughts and words that deepen self love and build self confidence.


Kind & Conifident Ed Mindful Sensory Kits:

8% of proceeds are donated to Children Education in Developing Countries.

Packaging is Ethically & Sustainably made in an ECO Friendly manner.

All products support North American Small Businesses.

K is for Kind Kit

Play Dough
  • Playdough:

    All natural Scented Playdough. Ingredients include; Natural Non-toxic food colouring, white flour and salt. Ages 18 months +

    Sensory Rice:

    All natural Sensory Rice that include Non-toxic food grade food colouring and white rice. Ages 18 months +

    Hazards: Kindly ensure littles are supervised while engaging in sensory play. Products should not be ingested.

    Mindful Play Ideas & Instructions:

    Sharing new ways for littles to learn through play while deepending self confidence, exploring self awareness and supporting parents with school readiness.

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