My name is Kristine Cuenca, I am an Ontario Certified Educator, Kids Yoga Teacher, Mama and an entrepreneur. I consider myself an educator, not just a teacher, as it is my calling in life to educate the future generation to not only learn, but to love themselves.

When I became a new mama I was so excited to share my love for mindfulness with my daughter and when I couldn't find a community or a programs focused on building self confidence for littles, thats when Kind & Confident Ed was born.


I decided to put my education, experience and passion into creating a community that builds little ones self love and deepens self awareness in efforts to raise a new generation that is kind and confident. 

I am grateful for this opportunity to impact the future generation and empower them with self love.

Want to get to know Kristine?

Have a listen to her powerful share on The Safe Haven Podcast.